Internet telephony in india is under threat from major telecom players.

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What is Internet Telephony and why should I care?

  • Internet Telephony can let you make calls to any phone number in the country over the Internet
  • Your call costs will likely be 1/3rd of current calling rates
  • The called party does not need any app or Internet connectivity
  • You can call over WiFi in bad phone signal areas
  • Enjoy simultaneous data transmission, HD voice, video calls, and more

However, incumbent players like Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, etc. are reluctant to reduce costs and drive innovation. They are depriving Indian consumers - all of us - of this opportunity to experience a truly digital India.

What is this really about?

Telecom players like Vodafone, Idea and Airtel are trying to kill Internet Telephony in India. Nearly every country in the world with Internet access offers Internet telephony to its citizens. All except India.

Our government has permitted unrestricted Internet Telephony in India since 2008. TRAI has proactively worked on prospective regulations and clarifications to promote the launch of Internet Telephony. They have drafted a comprehensive, well-written Consultation paper (check below).

However, India continues to be the only country where Internet Telephony is yet to be launched by any Telecom operator. Vodafone, Idea, Airtel and a few other incumbents have submitted gross misrepresentations and inaccurate arguments in response to this paper to try and kill Internet Telephony.

For e.g., one of their claims states that only Vodafone should be allowed to provide Internet Telephony to Vodafone subscribers. A Vodafone subscriber must not be able to use a Vodafone Internet connection to obtain Internet Telephony from anyone else but Vodafone. This proposition is anti competitive, ludicrous and against the fundamental principles of the ISP License. This will completely kill Internet Telephony in India and deprive Indian consumers forever from the benefits of open Internet Telephony.

They have made several other inaccurate claims, all of which we have covered below in our detailed documentation.

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What can I do to help?

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A truly ‘Digital’ India demands VoIP to open immediately. Government should now remove all shackles. Leaving ‘internet telephony’ only to the incumbent large Telcos will not be in the interest of consumer. Regulator should fit in the entry of number of small and medium size players, also. This will help innovation, micro and small businesses and availability of variety of niche services

- Sudhir Singh
Fellow iSPIRIT


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